Sunday, January 22, 2012

Busy Week.

I feel like I've had a busy week but if you were to look in my front door you would  wonder what it was that I have been doing. And really I can't remember either...but stuff...I have been doing stuff.
Last weekend I mainly mowed.
Monday  I was out all day as me and a daughter and her daughter went over to the zoo.  So that was one whole day out
Tuesday...Went over to Mandurah with the husband in the morning.  Afternoon...Probably nothing.
Wed.  Bit in the garden then camping and crabbing Wed afternoon.  Home Thursday for an appointment then ???. in the afternoon.  I'm thinking nothing as it was hot.  I'm not too good when it's hot.
Friday.???  Must have been outside doing...something.
Sat.  Out in the garden 'til 11.30 then Really Really Free Markets in the afternoon.  Home and nothing as it was sooooo hot.
And now it is Sunday again.  A week passed and not much to show for it.  This morning I will be out clearing up some gardens again.  Pulling out grass, cutting scraggly stuff back, mulching, a general tidy-up.  I had a daughter here for a bit Friday afternoon and walking around seeing what was out there wasn't good.  It all looked full of green but really, when talking about what we could eat...there doesn't seem too much of anything so I am taking stock and working on getting it back to how it was...How it should be.

So this week I have:
*Been to Perth Zoo.
*Fixed up the lettuce bed.  A few chooks got out and ate/scratched up everything that was in there so I needed to level it, rub some water into the soil as it was a bit repellant, fertilize, mulch, water again to see if the dirt was getting wet, hunt up some seeds and get them in.  It looks the part now and hopefully the bleedin' chooks wont escape again.
*Went crabbing and camping.
* I mowed a spare chook pen as the grass was so long and I wanted it down a bit before putting the chooks in there otherwise it is too hard to find their eggs.  Until I mow again and hear a "pop!" and smell that rotten egg smell...
*I did spend one morning cleaning up inside but that was at the beginning of the week and really, you can't tell.
*I picked all the beans and fixed those plants up a bit,  Cleared around them, fed them, mulched them.
* I have spend a couple of hours over the week hunting down and picking off green bugs from the beans and tomato plants.  They have ruined all the beans, sucked them dry so the chooks got a feed of beans and some of the tomatoes don't look that great either.
*Cut back the choko vine out the back.  It was bugging me and taking over everything in it's path but it looks a bit better now.
* I mowed the Sweet Potato patch.  That needs a good watering and mulching.  Will get to that today.
*Pulled grass and stray Lemon Balm plants from the peanut patch.  Mulched them.

I feel like I've done more.  There has been the normal everyday stuff in there as well.  Some laundry, twin tub so that takes a (not a lot!) eating (a lot!), computer...

I spend a couple of hours every morning watering and feeding the chooks and chickens, come in for breakfast then outside again.  My trouble is that I am so slow and disorganized it takes me *forever* to finish anything .
I seem to be always out there doing stuff but it is stuff that needs doing over and over, every day.  It does keep me off the streets and out of trouble though so it's all good!  And in saying that, the chookies are calling...

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  1. That sounds busy to me. all week. LOL...and we do need to keep you off the streets? The heat kills me!