Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Challenge.

The challenge for this year is still being worked on but it involves eating from what we grow, produce, catch, ourselves.  Of course the rules and regulations will be made by us to suit us.  For example we may allow ourselves to use a few bought things.  Salt and pepper comes to mind...Coffee, flour...oil...
Mostly it will be that breakfast, lunch, tea, any snacks, drinks...must be produced in some way or another from here or by us with the exception of some bought stuff, maybe...We are yet to decide on what we will allow ourselves but it will be 5 or less things.  Depending on if we do it for 2 days or 7 days.

The more I think about it though the more things I think I will need from the shops.  Like milk.  A week with no milk...I don't know....  No coffee?  That needs serious thinking about.  Husband could happily go without milk but over a week might want his Sand P and his coke...

Do we do it for 1 week each season?   A weekend every few months?  A week only but plan and plant and stock up now?  OK, the stocking up bit would be classed as cheating but can we use what we have on hand...I kinda think no but it means no lentils, no oats, no tinned fish, no eating from the freezer...The more I think about it the harder the more of a challenge it becomes.  I will use the stuff that I have made like chutneys, cordial, pickles, sauces etc.

Who wants to set a similar challenge for themselves?  I have read a few blogs where people have done this and they are all different.  This is going to be a fun challenge that we set for ourselves with our own limits.
If you are up to it you make up your own rules.  You might want to only do breakfasts.  Or snacks only, or just the main meal 2 times a week.  Think about it and let me know.  It will be fun!


  1. Of course, it is winter in the US. I have stocked up on things that I would think would be fair game to use. But, going out and stocking up to do the challenge would be cheating. I am not sure how I could participate, but I would like to. With me it would cokes, bananas, milk, apples, and green things (if I had to do five). I do have dehydrated bananas, dried milk, applesauce, and canned milk. I just ran out of oats in the kitchen, so I have to go into my stored stuff to find out.

    How about oil that is in our possession? I will starve to death if it has to be local, self-produced.(I do need to lose weight!) But, maybe food already in in my possession would work okay.Or not?

    Or, maybe the challenge is not right for me to participate. I don't know what you have in mind--only people who are producing?

    Oh, I have local honey, pecans, and blueberry vinegar! Yum! Not at

  2. Great challenge to set yourself. Especially if you are already growing your own produce. I am starting from scratch to grow our own but predominantly using pots as we are renting and want to move.
    So a different kind of challenge but working our way up to your ideal.

    I'm not a particular fan of coffee but am going to try become a tea drinker and make fresh herbal teas. Will see how we go with that.

    Great blog xx thanks for sharing..