Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Plant Something Each Day.

Well, looky, looky, I'm back again. lol.

BUT...I have been out doing stuff in the yard and I have planted some seeds.

However, to get me planting as much as I need to I have challenged myself to plant *something* each day throughout the month.  Thirty days in the month so if I don't plant everyday then the least I need is this number so I will have a minimun of 30 things planted that I probably wouldn't otherwise do.

Who wants to join me?  If not something for each day then how about something each week?

Rules for me (you lot can make up your own rules)
1 thing = at least 6 seeds..  So 6 seeds today and 6 of the same next week = 2 things.  But 20 today is still only 1 thing, not 3.
6 seeds of tomato + 6 seeds of peas planted today  = 2 things.
Transplanting into a better spot will only count if the plant would otherwise die or be killed.
Taking half dead things that are in pots and putting them in the ground will count, if they survive.
1 small cutting is not a thing but 6 in a pot will count.
1 big cutting, figtree, grapevine, will count.
I will count non-food plantings as well.  Afterall, I need to feed my soul as well as my belly.
Seedlings count as 1 thing so a bought punnet is either 6 or 8 things.  I wont count seeds I put in as seedlings when I plant them out though, that might get me closer to the total I need but really, even I would call that cheating!

So there you have it.  That should keep me accountable.  And eating!

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