Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thankyou Sherrie

A long time ago, and 12 months is a long time, a lovely kind woman made a present for my grandaughter. She didn't have to, she had never met her but she wanted to so she did. I was going to post about it, let everyone know how kind and clever she was. I didn't do that back then but as it was that grandchilds birthday this month I thought I would do it now. To let her know that the lovely apron she made for the 5 year old is still being used by the 6 year old when she helps her mum bake.

Sherrie has her own blog over at and I'm sure she wont mind if you pop over for a look.


  1. What a cute apron and a cute little girl. I imagine that apron will last a few more years!

  2. What a lovely photo ..what a sweet little girl...yes it looks like there could be quite a few more years of wearing ..when I made it I was thinking should last until about 10 ...thanks Barb you are such a sweetie ...