Sunday, August 4, 2013

Plastic Free Challenge.

July is finished and so ended the PFJ Challenge. It hasn't ended my one use wastefulness challenge but has made me realise that I am not what I want to be. I am not a wasteless person. That bothers me enough to try harder but...It is that *but* that I am having trouble with. I need to come up with alternatives to the products that I want to keep. The bought processed products. Ways that aren't going to cost too much more money because sadly, for us it is about money too. Over the last few years I have changed the way I eat and the food we have now is mostly fresh and unprocessed, grown here by us, but I have my weakness' and husband has his. Without him in the picture it would be quite easy but with him there is a bit more of a challenge. Keeps it interesting I supose... I'm not giving up, as in anything that we want to achieve it will require some more thought and a lot more practice. How did you go? Did you used less one-use plastics during July? Will you from now on?

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