Saturday, August 3, 2013

Can Write But It's Not Right

OK, so the last post didn't come out like it was suposed to and this one probably wont either. I have worked out that it has something to do with the Compose and HTML buttons. I cannot type in Compose mode and when in HTML it didn't publish the way it looked to me...Hmmm, there must be something that I am not doing right. When i get it working I will edit any post that is a bit dodgy but until then please bare with me.


  1. I had that problem. I will try to look at blogger and see what I did. Both posts look okay to me.

  2. I remember. I went to help or FAQ, I think. There is an explanation there. Oh, I have not gone and looked to see. I am exhausted but will soon. Another thing. I am like your daughter and don't know for sure what it was that worked. Clean out cookies, history, update everything on your computer that needs updating. I promise I will look and see what else I did.

  3. Thanks Linda, I appreciate that.
    I did have a look but couldn't see anything I thought might help. Will Google and Youtube it eventually, maybe, when I get too bothered about it not fixing itself. lol.