Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Mornin' All.

A big thankyou to all the well wishers yesterday.  I appreciate the thoughts.  I am feeling heaps better this morning, had an earlyish night and didn't get up until 4.45 this morning. 

The markets went well, I scored a few things but if I had little kids I could have furnished a big cubby house for them.  There was so much kids stuff!  The kids that were there all went home with armloads and big smiles. 
I ended up with some more net curtaining, this time for the *sunroom*/ front verandah, a couple of cool looking bicky/lolly tins that I will use for something, a small cooler bag for summer lunches away.  I think that's all. 

We have decided to let my painting job of the verandah ceiling and walls wait until the weather warms up or I know that I'll have 3 days of nothing else to do.  Husband says he will help me with it but I will need to wait until after Spring .  They are real busy during Spring with work so if I can't get it done I know there is help coming.  All good. 

The chook sheds should be done today, all the nesting boxes were cleaned and refreshed with new hay yesterday so less work for today now.

Main things for today will be:
Chook sheds, raked out and new hay put in.  Husband did for me.
Sweet talk Hubby into moving some sleepers into chook yard so I can contain the old stuff better until it's neded.  Done.
More seeds put in. 
Lounge from front verandah, cleaned and covers washed and replaced.  Put in position.  Done.
Put away everything that was taken off the verandah when it was painted.  Big job!!   Half done.

Plus the day to day stuff of course and anything else will be a bonus but I think I'll be lucky if the list gets finished.  It's forecast to rain...and I have a book to read...

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