Friday, August 5, 2011

It's A Write-off.

This morning I was shown some photos.  Of my sons car.  Then I cried. 

This afternoon I saw my sons car.  And I cried.  And I heard the story and I cried and hugged him and thanked God that he was alright.

 That hole in the windscreen, bottom passenger side corner, that's where a tree branch went through.  It speared through and angled out the back window missing his head by a few inches.
 He was on his way home when it happened, not long after he was nearly gored by a wild boar.

What, me worry.

I suggested he settle down and stay home where he will be safe.  He says "nah, not gonna happen" 

While I was crying, thinking about what could have happened I said something about not even knowing if he was dead out in the bush and we wouldn't even know where to look if he was missing but was reassured by the husband that he would have been found sometime, probably within a few days...

So all is good and apparently I cry and worry for nothing.  

Bloody kids!!


  1. I have to agree with you Barb, you spend your whole life worrying about your kids, no matter what age. I am glad your lad is okay.

  2. My goodness! I am not his mother, but that looks frightening. Right now, my granddaughter is in the Dominican Republic and I am terrified for her. My daughter is beside herself. She IS with her father, but that does not help. Just curious, is this danger because of his job, or is this danger found on his own time? And, your husband thinks he is comforting you? lol...not so funny.

  3. Yes Tania, I have 5 I worry about but this one more than the others.

    Linda, it's on his own time, he is 24, single, drives around the bush hunting wild pigs. Has been that close to being seriously hurt far more times than they tell me...
    I feel for you about your daughter, that would be a real worry.

  4. Oh Barb, what a shock. Try not to go with the "what-could've beens" just the "what-ares". Easier said than done I know, but it does help and I do empathise with you. xx