Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Update.

The little black chicken is doing fine but the mother chook is very protective and huffs up whenever I go out there and shoos her baby away so I can't get near it.   She has had a go at me a couple of times when I have put food down for them.  Silly thing! 
The other chook is still sitting but I haven't seen any chickens and I am thinking that there won't be any now and I plan to clean out her nest and put her in the other pen this weekend.
I have had another chook, a Plymouth Rock coloured one go clucky so have put some fertile eggs under her.
I will need to wait 3 weeks to see how she goes.

The calf is frollicking around everywhere.  The mother cow is looking fine.   I am giving her extra hay.
The brown cow is still fat but no sign of a calf.  I think she is just big and fat.

A few dramas with them all though as the black and white cow/calf got into the padock with the back neighbours animals.  I'm pretty sure there is a bull or 2 in there...The next day all our cows were in there.  The fence between the neighbours to our north and his back neighbough must be dodgy so when Hubby gets home I will get him to fix the gate between us and northside to keep our cows on our property.

Animals!  Sometimes they are  more work than they are worth.

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  1. Beaut to read that chick is doing fine. Those cows are all getting a bit sociable aren't they! Ha ha, yes, sounds like brown cow is just big and fat :D)