Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Is Simple Living?

I am having conflicting thoughts on living a simple life and cannot decide what *simple* really means to me. 
I want to grow our food, I don't want to buy in fertilizers but I am sometimes too slack to go out in the paddock and collect the cow manure.
I eat meat but wont kill or clean the animal so I can. 
I hate food waste but don't always freeze things soon enough and I don't use what is in the freezer anyway as I prefer eating the food fresh.  But I end up eating too much so it's not *wasted* 
I hate throwing stuff away but then our house and yard look like a tip.
I reuse glass jars and bottles but don't have a lot of room to store them so they clutter the bench.
Same goes for plastic bags that we reuse.  The drawer where I keep them is chockers and wont shut properly.  But I *need* to save them all as soon we wont be able to get them from the shops and I use them for storage.  I usually use the reusable bags but grab the plastic ones too often.
I use plastic jars and containers as storage as I am prone to dropping things, especially when my hands aren't working properly, but  should I be getting rid of all plastics...I don't use them in the microwave so that is something.  But should I be using a microwave anyway...Didn't I read that they are unsafe too...
I have way too many clothes but they fit and I *love* them but as a *stay at home work in the yard* type person there are only so many outfits that I need.  And I have too many.  But I love them....
Because I don't like stuff ending up as landfill I have a shed full of stuff that we no longer want.  But I cannot bring myself to get rid of it.  I have started but it is so hard and taking so long and I get stroppy if someone else does it. But we can't use the shed for what it was built for.
I want to travel and explore our country but don't want to fork out money on petrol.
I don't like using chemicals and poison filled bought products but live with a smoker.  And I do use some chemicals and poison filled bought products but only if they are cheap. 
I want to cut down on our power usage but I have the computer on most of the day.
And it is easier to use the power mulcher than to chop the stuff up by hand.  But it uses petrol.  But it's easier.
I want to get more achieved but I waste time on the computer more often than I should.

Hypocritical or what!

So it seems that I am a mixed up wannabe *something* who doesn't know where she is going or how to get to where she thinks she would like to be. 

What I should be working on is getting fit and healthy, getting the house clean and tidy, keeping the vege patch producing enough to feed us and whatever else make us happy and STOP worrying about what other people say, write or think.  Year, that's sounds like a plan.

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  1. Great Post, its true tho, we do the best we can, and sometimes are left feeliing like hypocrites. I am working on feeling content with doing MY best......;)