Monday, August 30, 2010

No Buy Veg Challenge...August.

Tomorrow is the last day of August, can you believe that.  It seems to have come so quickly.  I think I say that all the time but it always surprises me, and disappoints me that I haven't achieved anything new.

No vegetables were bought during August so that is 8 months success.

I am missing the broccoli that the cow ate though but SoninLaw says he has heaps and I can have some of that so that's real nice of him.

I have been picking peas and asparagus though so they are new to the menu. Well, I don't actually have a menu but if I did...they wouldn't be added to it as we eat them straight from the garden as we are wandering around out there. 
Hang on...I did cook up some peas a couple of nights ago, grandaughter J. was out here and she helped pick, and eat, them.  She wasn't too impressed with the cooked ones though, said they were *yukky*  Now I'm not saying that I overcooked them or anything but Hubby also said that they weren't all that nice. 
That's OK, raw is good.

Now we need to get through September, should do OK but things are looking skimpy.

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