Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lunch with Lovely Ladies.

I had lunch out with 2 lovely ladies yesterday.  I enjoyed it and hope they did too.  We have done this once or twice before and next month we will do it again but somewhere different.  We are hoping to do something every month but haven't quite got the hang of it yet but it is something that I look forward to.

We went up to Logues Brook, OK, Lake Brockman! Cafe.   I have been here 3 times now and will go again.  If anyone wants to meet me there for a Devonshire Tea, let me know.

I will do a write up about Lake Brockman Cafe one day soon.  And I will add my thoughts on it to the Weekend Notes and Trip Advisor sites.   I will become famous for my writeups.  Or not.  

And I call it Logues Brook because that is the name that I have always known this dam by.  It was changed to Lake Brockman a while ago, for reasons that I don't know and not interested enough in finding out.  As a dam though it is very low, hardly any water at all.  We used to go swimming and marroning here but the places we went are now high and dry and it would be quite a trek to the waters edge.  The cafe is at the caravan park, I will take the van up there one day, camp the night and have a Devonshire Tea for breakfast.

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