Friday, June 28, 2013

Plastic Free July

I  have just registered for this, Plastic Free July, is anyone else taking on this challenge?  
I have gone for all single use plastic for the whole month.  How will I go?  Well, of course that remains to be seen but I'm thinking if I can stay focused then I should do OK.

It starts on Monday so I have the weekend to get organised.  To make plans. To read more of the website and decide if I will go with it or come back and delete this and pretend it was never mentioned.

What about you?  Have you done it before?  Interested in doing it this year?
It can be for a day or a week, it doesn't have to be the whole month.  It doesn't even have to be all plastic it could just be what they call the big 4.  Plastic bags, straws, bottles, coffee cup lids.

Plastic Free July.  I'm game.  Are you?


  1. I am as plastic free as I will ever be. I did not like that I had to sign up. Since there are lots of eco business listed as sponsors, I don't need more mail. Hopefully, this campaign will convert a few people.

    Not everyone is going to use a cloth bucket for mopping. My use of a plastic bucket that already exists is better for the environment than purchasing a new cloth bucket. Notice that using an old plastic spray bottle is suggested for making and using cleaning products.

    Maybe you can acquire mew habits and tell us how the experience for the month affects you. Right now, I am going to read more of the site.

  2. Hi Linda. We use plastic here, quite a lot but like you I would rather reuse the plastic things that I have and will not go and buy anything new just to have a non-plastic thing.
    It's good that you are already doing your bit, I think we do OK but we'll see.