Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Made Soap.

Well, kinda.  I helped DD make soap.  We made the soap together.  Whatever way is was we did it.

We have both been wanting to for ages but you read about the dangers and it makes you a bit wary and you keep putting it off.  Because it's not safe.

Yeah, right.  It's just like anything else and of course there are things you need to be careful of but it's not like it's going to explode and blow your head off.   Unless maybe you did something stupid and weren't careful with the mixing but I think that a normal person with a bit of common sense should be OK with it.

The ingredients we used were all L's and as she wanted a Castil soap that she could use for anything they were pretty basic, Pure Olive Oil, water and the caustic soda.   It remains to be seen if we will be happy with this soap seeing as it only has Olive oil but our next batch will be a different recipe so we will be able to compare.
Weighing the water.
Adding the Caustic Soda to the water.
I had a turn mixing...

She had a turn mixing.
Pour it carefully into your mould.

Wrap it up and wait a couple of days before we can see what it looks like and then a  longer wait before we can use it.

But we both now have the confidence to make some for ourselves whenever we want to.

Neither of us has a Bamix or a stick blender strong enough to mix soap with and when Hubby heard that it would take a long time to mix before it was ready he made up a little mixer thing for us.  It goes in the cordless drill and worked a treat.


  1. You can buy a stirrer to put on a drill. It must be nice to have someone who can just go make you one!

  2. Yes it is. We do have one but he couldn't find it. I've asked him to make another one so the daughter can keep one but that *5 min job* might take a couple of