Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Major Declutter...Maybe...YES!! Step 1.

I was emptying out and cleaning the cupboard with the mouse poop on Sunday when a daughter showed up.
Which was good as she *encouraged* me to declutter a few things and has offered to come back WITH BOXES!! sometime during the week.  I think it will be easier to get rid of some stuff with her here helping and me knowing that it wont be binned but taken to the Really Really Free Markets.
I kinda hope she has plenty of boxes, I have stuff that NEEDS to go...and with emptier cupboards it will be easier to clean them out if the mice get in there again...

But I hate getting rid of stuff.  I don't know why.
Well I think I know why.
I hate good useful stuff being thrown out as rubbish.  I see it as a waste and think that we are doing the Earth a major disservice by dumping all our crap on it.  So I am **saving the world** by not throwing anything away!   Hmmm, it doesn't really make sense to me anymore.  Instead of taking stuff to the tip our place looks like one.
Still, I know I wont bin it but the free markets is a great concept so I am happy to support them by *donating* my stuff.

I have trouble passing by a bargain, but my thinking "even if I don't need it now it might come in handy later and it's so cheap"  has led to us living in a way that I no longer want to.  Step 1 taken!

I used to take a bit down to our local Op-shop but a lot of the time they throw it away anyway.  Their place of business is just a small shed so they don't have a lot of room but I don't agree with them throwing decent donated stuff away so no longer take much down there.

But I have too much and it is not good for us to be living with so much un-used stuff.  It creates mess, hidey holes for pests, makes it hard to keep things clean...Some of you will know the story...

Knowing that this daughter will not bin it will make it a bit easier.  Well, maybe not easier as such but I will be more likely to not keep things just in case.  Like she says...IF I need it later on then *The Universe* will provide it.  I don't need 3 coffee plungers, none of which I use but someone else might be wanting 1 that they will use.  And love.  So 2 will go...and I will start using the one I keep.

June will be the month that I get stuck into this project and if I am lucky then Daughter might come out and help a couple of times.  If not I WILL still get it done...

This is going to be a major challenge for me but one I am up for.  Anyone want to join me?   Write about it and link back to here? 


  1. I am already in the midst of decluttering since I am trying to put away things salvaged from water coming into several rooms through a severely damaged roof. I do the "I can use this later" with sewing fabric, not so much with other items. Good luck. Remember to clean the mouse from donated items. Ewwww, I hate that chore but won't NOT do it.

  2. Hi Barb

    Just read this post after finishing typing my latest - I did the bathroom cupboard. I, like you, do not like to throw things away just for the sake of decluttering. My focus for some time has been to try not to acquire more 'stuff' and also to declutter by using up what I already have. I will follow your efforts with interest.

    Cheering from the sidelines!!

    Fairy xx

  3. lol Linda, yes everything was washed before it was bagged up.

    Fairy, My bathroom is going to be hard. So many sets of sheets and towels and stuff. I'll go read how you went.

    Thanks for the comments.