Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Helpful Fairies.

I've been away for a few days, we got home late yesterday afternoon and though I had a quick look around I don't know what is happening out there.  I'm out this morning but will check on the gardens sometime today though I'm sure everything will be fine as I had asked the kids to come out and feed the chooks for me and it rained a bit.

One thing we noticed when we pulled in the driveway was that the area looked tidier.  Getting out and walking around it seems that the *yard fairies* have been here.  The grass is mowed, garden edges tidy.  Everything looks good.  We go inside and it looks like their cousins the *house fairies* came visiting with them.  It was real nice to walk into a house that was so much tidier and cleaner than I had left it.  So a BIG thankyou to our friendly neighbourhood fairies.

I think I will go away more often now...


  1. Okay, was there any secret incantation or unspoken or spoken wishes before you left? I might leave too, just for a bit...LOL. I don't think I have ever found my house cleaner when I returned if I left people in the house.

  2. How lucky are you! House fairies as well as yard fairies - what more could one ask ;-)

  3. Yeah, it was a nice welcome home and much appreciated.