Monday, January 24, 2011

Summer Rain.

I love it when it rains during Summer.  It cools and refreshes everything and the gardens seem to shoot upward to show their pleasure as well.  Unfortunately the grass does the same.  I need to rethink *mowing the grass* and start thinking *collecting chookfood and mulch* but it's easier to think the negative when I am out there trying to push the mower through the thick, long stuff.

It's been raining here on and off yesterday, most of the night and is still raining now.  Not a lot but we have puddles everywhere and I had to wear a rain jacket earlier when I was outside. 
I have put the chickens in a pen and though they had plenty of shade I had taken the tin that sheltered the last lot during winter away.  This morning I worried about them so went out and set up another dry area for them.  They probably couldn't care less, they all seem to like being out in the rain but it makes me feel better knowing they have a dry warm spot to go into if they want.

I lit the fire this morning, not because it is cold but it will get me up and cooking stuff.  I will do a pot of lentil and veg mush but I mainly want it to make up a batch of Zucchini Pickle.  Hubby tasted some at work and asked for the recipe and I now have that plus everything else needed for it so...That is what I will be doing later.  He says it is something that makes Zukes taste good and as I have a few bigger ones here I will use some of them up for this.

The rain does mean that I will be inside most of the day.  And I have the new computer.  And my arms are sore so I won't be able to do as much book reading as I want.  Which, if you can read between the lines, basically means that I will have a near wasted day on here.  But it is Monday and Monday is MY Day so it doesn't matter, today I can do what I want and not feel guilty.

Do you ever have a *your day*?  What do you like to do during your time?


  1. I have two kinds of "my day." There is the day that I have worked so hard that joints and bones and muscles hurt from the fibromyalgia and I reserve the right to sit in swing in the summer or lie there, doing nothing but reveling in green around me and the hens. There is the other "my day" that occurs when I am rested and pain-free. On this kind of "my day," I go to thrift stores or antique stores or yard sales,just doing as I please with no idea of accomplishing anything Then, I face a day of pain the next day.

    At other times I take a "my day" to accomplish things that I seldom get to do and ignore what needs to be done. I will crochet instead of washing dishes in a timely manner, for example.

    I like for my chicks/hens to have options. They seem to always run for shade from rain and shade during the brunt of the heat of summer. One day, I was amused as they ran for the shelter of the picnic table during a sudden, hard downpour.

  2. "My Day" is best spent completely alone! I like to potter around the house for a while, drink cups of herbal tea, take a middle-of-the-day nap, pick up a good book and fossick & forage in second hand shops. If I spend just a few dollars on something pretty for my home, its very satisfying.