Monday, January 10, 2011

Tomotoes Are Done.

I have enough jars/bottles of Tomato Relish to last around 5 months.   I ended up pureeing most of it and I will use it instead of Barbecue sauce.  We don't eat a lot of pasta but I would use it with that as well though my SiL says it's not really a pasta sauce. 

Today I had some with savory pikelets for lunch, Hubby had some over his spuds that he had with his tea.
I did modify the recipe I used, I added zucchini and capsicum to one lot, I just can't seem to follow a recipe as it is written.  Tastes good though.

I tried drying some in the oven.  I knew that I should have put the timer on or not gone on the computer but hey, you get that.  And as a result you get burnt dried tomato.  Some of it was OK. lol.  The second lot I put in the oven when I was finished with the fire and it was going to be going out. I forgot about that lot too and when I remembered them the following day they were dried but stuck hard to the tray.  Still tasted OK but there were bits that had to be soaked off.  Gee I'm good!

We have more outside ready to be picked and a few manky ones inside that I will curry and freeze for Hubby.

All in all it was a successful saucy afternoon and something that I will be more inclined to do  now that I know I can.


  1. I canned tomatoes and thought I only had enough for about nine months. It turned out that I didn't use them fast enough. So, if you work up what's in the garden, yours might last until tomato season next year. If you have canned pureed tomatoes, it seems that you can season them for pasta when you open the jar. It sounds so yummy that it is middle of the winter and cold, making me want warm, homemade tomatoes in just about anything.Since we just had our second snowfall of the year, reading about tomatoes someone just harvested and canned makes me cozy and ready for our tomato season.

  2. I've only been growing cherry tomatoes this year as last season had no luck at all with the full size ones. Got lots ripening and lots of flowers. I just freeze mine whole as I use them in pasta sauce and I find it works fine chucking them straight in from the freezer