Saturday, November 20, 2010

Really Really Free Markets. Waroona. November.

We have these markets on again this afternoon.  I should be out sorting what to take but I think I will just load stuff into the car before I leave.  It's a bit cooler today than it has been so it might be OK down there.

I'm back...
There were a few more tables/rugs of stuff at this one and lots of people coming and going over the first couple of hours.  Twas good.
Half of the stuff I took down has gone to new homes and I scored  half a dozen books. (or 9, shh,don't tell)
I also brought home some Butternut Pumpkin and some Bolotti Bean seedling.
The yummy muffins and choc chip bickies were there again too.  Someone there is a good cook.

I heard someone say that the next one is a week before Christmas but the time may be different.  I will have to remember to check their information.  The one in Perth is sometime in December as well.  I don't know if I will go up to that one again though.

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