Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cubby Hole For Dogs.

We are dog-sitting again.  He came last Monday and leaves today sometime.  It has been wet and cold here the last couple of days and as this dog sleeps on the front verandah when he is here I had to make him a cosy corner to keep him dry.  If it was up to me or if he was my dog then he'd be inside near the fire but he isn't so it's not.  So this is the best that I could do.  It worked and he seemed to not mind it.  I didn't have him tied up last night and I left the shed open so he could go in there if he wanted to but he chose this spot so I am a hero!  
As he sleeps on the mat in front of the door I used the crap holding thing chair as an end then I moved the washing machine and blackboard across in front to stop the weather from the East, put a blanket down to *extend* the mat and keep him off the cold conrete and ta-da.   Like I said, I am a hero.


  1. Go you hero you! I'm sure he appreciated it too.

  2. He did, he gave me a card he picked out himself or so I was told.