Wednesday, August 13, 2014

River's Orange.

Daughter L asked people to plant a tree this week and dedicate it to her daughter who turned 1 on Monday.    I'm glad she did because a couple of weeks ago husband and I bought 64 small native trees and 1 Seedless Valencia Orange tree.  We spent a couple of days getting the small ones planted but this one has been sitting out there since, with me unsure where to put it.   I see this ask, husband is home, we discuss where it could go and tada! it is in.  

Husband had been showing me ways to make wooden garden signs during the morning so I found a spare bit of wood and put my newly learned skills to the test.

It's not quite how it was supposed to be and Husband says people will think it's some new breed of tree and I should change it but I like it and people can ask and learn.  I had written River's Orange Tree in pencil first, thinking it would be easy to then just trace over them but the carving isn't the same size as a pencil line so the letters are bigger and *tree* couldn't fit.  Still, I think it looks OK.   I then used the gas bottle to give it a burnt look and make the letters stand out more, hammered it into the ground near the tree and another put off job is completed.

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  1. That is a neat sign. If I had thought, I could have used my son's wood burner before I mailed it to him. You did a great job. I thought you had a river turn orange from the title of the blog. I was intrigued.

    What kind of trees did you plant? I hope there were lots of fruit trees.