Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rainbow Birthday Cake.


This is the cake that T made for her daughters party today.  She didn't want to take it as she thought it was too munted but I thought it was pretty good so convinced her to take it anyway and nobody minded how munted it looked..  There were a few comments when it was cut and the inside was seen.

Tiffany Wood's photo.Tiffany Wood's photo.
It was very rainbowy inside and I think she was happy with how the cut cake looked. 
 It was tall though so one piece was still big.

                                                                         Tiffany Wood's photo.
Most people were full after eating lunch so most of the cake was taken home by T so her partner could see what a great job she did.  When we left the park she drove another car to a shop and I was to pick her up from there, I only had to drive around the corner and across a road with the cake on the back seat.   It still looked good when she put it in the car (it still looked like a cake!)  and she did tell me to drive careful and not let anything happen to it.   Oops, must have took the corner a tad fast and she wasn't happy when she got back into the car and saw what had happened to it.  Not quite as impressive looking now!  And the rainbow pavlova that we didn't serve as there was so  much other stuff...that somehow ended up on the floor and looked a bit worse for wear too.  At least it was plain and didn't have any cream added to it yet.   Sorry T, lucky you took photos.
And bonus points because it tasted good too.  You did a great job.


  1. Looks fabulous and if they close their eyes it will still taste great I bet! :)

  2. Barb,
    Tell her that is a stunningly beautiful cake. Hey, what did you wear? Pictures? Lay it out on the bed and take a picture if you don't have a picture yet. Next time you have something that might fall off the seat onto the floor, put it on the floor and it will not slide off the Well, that is what I do.

  3. More photos to come.

    Linda, I too would have put it on the floor but the seat was probably the only flat, empty surface and she trusted me to drive like I tell her to...

    It did taste good and I thought it looked OK too.