Thursday, March 21, 2013


Today I spent the morning down at our local Vinnies, to see if I really want to volunteer there.  And yes, yes I do.  I have filled in the form and will now sit by the phone waiting for the call to say that I am needed.

Many years ago I used to volunteer at our local tourist info centre and enjoyed it but apart from helping out at the Really Free Markets I haven't done any volunteering for quite a few years.  I think it's time I started again and this will be an easy start.  I am willing to do a whole day now and then or a half day whenever but probably don't want to commit to a whole day every week   Will see what they need and then decide.
I do believe that volunteers are very important and without them a lot of community projects would not be able to function.  I also know that not all of them are appreciated the way they should be and that is not good.

Do you volunteer anywhere?  Please leave a comment and tell me all about it.


  1. I almost became a docent at the Zoo Barb, but went on holiday instead :) I really should do something..well done, enjoy your time working in Vinnie's, they do such a great job.,

  2. For about 10 years, I helped my very elderly neighbor every day. It was not a formal volunteer job. I just saw she needed help. She kept me busy.

    I have volunteered to tutor GED at our local woman's center for abused women, keeping a schedule. Actually, I do this on a day by day basis for anyone who needs it and cannot afford it. GED is an alternate high school diploma, for those unfamiliar with the name of the program. I was a GED teacher at a local college.

  3. Oh, St. Vincent DePaul! We have that here in the US. I didn't recognize it by that name. I am not Catholic, so maybe they call it that here, too.

  4. I am treasurer for a community band that my son is involved with, and all of the extras that go along with something like that, and other little things with industry organisations related to our business (transport). I don't volunteer anywhere like Vinnies, though I've certainly considered it, and think it's great that you are. Oh, I supposed we're "volunteering" for the rescue (SABBR) we are fostering dogs for too - sometimes tough, but so worthwhile.