Friday, March 2, 2012

February Gardens. We bought...

A 5kg bag of carrots and a 10kg bag of potatoes.  Half the potatoes were for planting but we , shhh, yes, me too, did eat some.   All other veg came from the garden.  Nope I tell a lie, I had one meal where some leftover bought frozen peas and corn were added.  I didn't buy them though so does that still count. 

Not sure what we will eat this month.  Well yes, I do know, we will eat what is out there.  I have potato, capsicum, onion, chilli, sweet potato, few tomatoes, silverbeet, lettuce, butternut pumpkin ready to pick. We will not starve but things will be repeated over and over.  As they always are anyway.    These BP were supposed to be Trombocino but really aren't.  Not sure what happened with them   Maybe I was given the wrong plant by mistake, maybe they cross pollinated with the pumpkins growing in the paddock a few hunderd metres away...We have had a couple and they look and taste like butternuts. 

I have other things coming on but they wont be ready for March eating.

We have plenty of eggs, plenty of fish, plenty of pork.   The son has brought out a few meals of nearly out of date steak and some bacon.   Us eating it saves it going in the work bin. and really there is nothing wrong with it.  We are going  fishing most Wednesday nights so we can get a supply of fish in the freezer.   We have crabs in there too and will add to that stash next week.

All in all we have heaps of *fresh* non bought food so are in no danger of going hungry.
Life is good, I love not having to shop for food every week.  

What will you not need to buy this month?


  1. I only buy what is on sale when I do buy. I think it great you can grow so much of your own food!

  2. We're very lucky to live where we have plenty of water and decent weather to be able to do so.
    On sale things are what a lot of my stockpile is made of.