Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lunch In The City.

We had lunch here
It is only the second time that I have been here and I had forgotten that some of the food is spicy.  Nice though.

It didn't take long for the train to get to Perth and because I had plenty of time I stayed on until it reached the city station.  Got off and wandered around a bit before walking down to where the restaurant was.  I was early so sat and looked out over the water for a bit.

Close to 12oclock and I went out front and walked around looking at people and wondering if they were who I was meeting then saw a group of 3 women that looked like they could be.  I had some colours of clothing to look for and found them here.  We waited for 2 others that were expected then went into the restaurant.  We ate outside and had our meal overlooking the water and boats.

This place doesn't have a menu as such, you get a tray and help yourself from the dishes that are set out.  There is water, juice, tea and coffee as well and today there was a dessert of some sort.  We couldn't work out what it was.  When you are leaving you pay what you think is fair.

I enjoyed myself.  The women I met were nice and friendly and I hope to meet up with them again sometime.

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  1. That all sounds like such fun. I would not know where to find a train or ferry to ride. When I was an infant, my mother regularly took me on a train ride, ninety miles, the my grandmother's home.