Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bee Careful...

This is my first attempt at putting up a video.  It is not very good but does show how brave I am. hehe.
I am not sure if you will be able to hear it properly but it shows Hubby using the smoker to calm the bees down so he can lift the boxes and shift them around.

Hubby came home from work the other day with some *frames* in the back of the Cruiser.  
For a few days now it has been kinda scarey going passed his car.
Not for him, he is *the man* but for everybody else...

The frames are leftovers from where he was putting on nucs (short for nucleus. When they requeen the hives) and still had honey in them and it attracts bees from around here.  He works with an apiarist so we quite often have this happen and the bees are not dangerous at all.  They are not out to sting anyone but it is a bit scarey for me, and probably anyone that doesn't know bees.  Of course if you were allergic to bee stings then it would not be a good idea to be around them.


  1. The volume is not loud enough if we were meant to hear. You have bees? I must have forgotten that.

  2. Sorry 'bout that. It was published before I finished. Still working on it but it should be OK soon. Volume? Don't know how to make that louder. Will try and find out.

  3. I was looking at your chickens. They are really pretty. I just hate when I publish too soon!