Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Queensland, I'm Thinking Of You.

I have been outside most of the morning trying to catch up on a few things that I was too sore to do yesterday.  And as usual I was playing the *poor me* card...too much to do, I hurt, I can't do it...I came in for lunch and to watch the midday movie...

Instead of the movie there is coverage on the cyclone that is heading towards Queensland.  I am quite ashamed of myself, having a pity party over here when there are thousands of people over there that are in danger of losing their homes, their possessions and maybe their lives.  I really feel for everyone over there in the danger zones.

Recently Queensland has had floods and storms and now this massive cyclone is on the way, due to hit tonight and it will probably wipe out a lot of towns.  Towns are being evacuated, people are boarding up their houses, some are staying in their homes...I am scared for them all.  I hope there are no deaths but it is a BIG cyclone, 500km across...that's going to do a lot of damage.

The weekend just gone, over here in WA, the southwest area had a cyclone warning and I was scared about that.  Ours turned out to be a non event but knowing how I worried I cannot imagine how the people in far north Queensland are feeling.

I sincerely hope things are not as bad as we are hearing they will be...


  1. I am so sorry to hear this! Our neighboring states (in the USA) are having some devastating weather events also. I sure hope everyone comes through this well! I sure am worried about all of the people who have already been through so much!


  2. I was driving north from Birmingham, AL after class, 50 miles to my home. The wind was making it impossible to stay steady in the road. I was mumbling in my head about this horrendous wind I was suffering. Tree were down across the interstate southbound lane. I know a hurricane (cyclone) was headed toward Florida. All of a sudden it occurred to me that people's homes were being destroyed. So, I quit my grumbling and was so glad I was far enough inland that I was only getting tremendous rain. Eventually, it the terrific storm gave us rain. But, I managed to stay grateful for my own conditions and worried for others.

    I have a friend who lives on Bribie Island. I suppose the storm surge will affect the island, right? It does not appear to be far above sea level. He talks about walking from his door to shore. Does anyone know about what might happen on Bribie, just north of Brisbane?

  3. Practical Parsimony, Bribie should be largely OK. Its right down the southern coast of Queensland. The cyclone will impact the most in north Queensland.

    Mind you, the Bureau said the effects of the cyclone will be felt as far west as Alice Springs. Amazing.

    I wonder how much more Queensland can take in terms of natural disasters.

  4. oh, MY! sure hope it doesn't pan out to be as devastating as predicted!