Sunday, February 6, 2011

Can We Be Prepared Enough?

Cyclone Yasi has been and gone and though a lot of property was destroyed there weren't many injuries.  One death has been reported (but I don't put that down to the cyclone.  He was using a generator inside) and from what I last heard at least 1 person is missing.
Over that side of Australia they have had floods, cyclones, fires.  People have been killed, houses and lives washed or blown away...It is all very sad.

I have heard that there arem also fires over East and I have just read about the bad storms and flooding going on in Victoria...
Surely this is not all normal?  Or is it that we hear about it more now, there are more cities, towns and people affected because there are more cities, towns and people...

Over here in WA we too have had floods and storms and fires.
Hubby has been away this week cleaning up after a massive storm knocked down trees and made a mess of the bush area and blocked off roads where they are working.

It is happening all over the world.  We are always hearing about people being killed in Natural Disasters.

I don't personally know anyone that has been badly affected and I think that makes me a bit blase about it all.  I think it is horrible but it's been happening forever, here and in other countries, and it will continue happening.

It is hard to believe though that there are still thousands of people that are not prepared in any way.  Some people, even knowing that they are in areas where cyclones and storms happen regularly and that they may be cut off, do not have enough food in the house for more than a day or so.  I do know people like this.  They think it wont happen or that the shops will always be there...

I like to think that we could live through a lot of things but really, we probably couldn't.  We would easily manage with no power for a week or two.  We have rainwater tanks.  I have a stockpile of food and things put away.  But when I think about it it is not as good as it should be...If the water tank was blown away or struck by lightening we could use the water from the dam out the back.  But it's not clean enough to drink...
If a storm destroyed all the gardens then fresh food would be scarce.  It the roof blew off the house?  I'd camp in one of the sheds if they were still standing otherwise...What is our plan?

What I need to do is think about what is most likely to happen and to do things that will make it easier if it ever did.   I have a long way to go and might work on that this year.

A few years ago a tornado went through this area.  It didn't hit this house but a couple of houses down the road were damaged.  What would I do if I was home alone and there was a massive storm here?  I'd probably freak out and panic.  After that...I dunno. I should learn and have a plan in place.

*I do have a plan for if I am here alone and *boogymans* came.  I hope I never have to use it.
*When our water is turned off for 2 days I can manage.  It's better when I get notice that it will happen but the last 2 times we had no notice.  We planned and we manage.
*When I can't move very well for 2 days, I have a plan in place and manage OK.
*If Hubby couldn't work for a few months...we could manage because we have planned for it.
Do you have a plan for what *might* happen?   Do you stockpile?   Do you have an emergency bag ready to go?  

I'd be interested in your thoughts on this subject so please leave a comment and let me know your ideas.

ETA.  And now there are massive fires around Perth and north of....Dozens of houses burnt, hundreds of hectares of bushland... People evacuated...How do you prepare for something like that!

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  1. My boogeyman plan is to call the police. Unlike you, I live smack dab in the center of a small town (14,000) When anyone in this subdivision calls the police, several cars respond. I am lucky enough to live in an historic district with lots of fine houses and many people with wealth and influence. Yes, I am odd man out, here--no fine house,no wealth or influence in this house!

    I only have one gallon of water, given to me somehow. Hopefully, the liquids I have otherwise (milk, juices,liquids from cans of foods) will suffice and any water shortage could be supplemented quickly by buying or running water into canning jars I have. Maybe?

    There is an emergency bag in the car. but it gets too hot here to stock food in it and have it last. I do have a bag of food inside, ready to grab and go-tuna, pb, lots of things to eat without cooking like other fruit, veg, and meats.And, one liter of water. I know I should have bars of granola or emergency bars.Med is in purse.

    My house and car are paid for, so utilities (electric, water, and sewage),phone, gasoline, and groceries are all I have to worry about. I have that covered with ss check.

    Can't move? Hmmm, I don't ever move well, it