Monday, February 28, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

Month that is.  Two down already.  And I have done hardly anything in the garden.
I have lots of excuses but no real reason.  Just slack!
We still haven't bought any vegetables so far this year but I think that I will end up buying some carrots sometime during March.

Lots has gone wrong, some preventable, some not.
A lot of the viney stuff developed Powdery Mildew so that was disappointing.
We only ended up getting a few Rockmelons and they weren't the best.
We picked some Butternuts and have another 6 or so out there but that vine is on it's last legs. I should pull it up but I'm hoping it will get the last few fruit a bit riper.
I was very sorry with the way the cucumbers performed.  There were nowhere near enough to preserve.  I have 2 plants out there in a different part of the garden that are looking OK but still not a lot of fruit on them.
Tomatoes all died off.  The few that have come up in a different area now have flowers but I'm not sure how they will go.  I should have transplanted them out into a bigger area but the couple that I did died.  I'm blaming the heat and not enough care for that.

The small chooks kept getting out so most of the lettuce are gone.  I put the chook away, fix where I think it is getting out from but it gets out again.  I fix another spot, out it gets.  I'm not planting anything more until I am sure I have fixed the right spot!  They also scratched up most of the Strawberries, young onions, silverbeet...

We've had the worst bout of Fruitfly here than I can remember.  We lost all the Peaches and I now have them in the Strawberry Guavas.  I will pick all the fruit over this week and bag it or drown it in a bucket of water.  We have never had them in these trees before.  Bleedin' chooks are supposed to clean them up but that's not   happening.  We have traps set out in the trees (not the Guavas) and caught heaps but the numbers of them are too high to control. 

Of the dozens (hundreds?) of Sunflower seeds that I planted I have 1 plant.  It is multiflowered but still only the 1 plant.  How sad is that! lol.

I have at least 4 roosters in the young AussieRocks.  Hubby is waiting for a cool day when he is home to do them so not this week.  One of them is getting quite loud!

And bloody Roosters!!  I have lost the Australorp rooster, a parent to these young ones.  Looks like it could have been a rooster fight but because these 2 roosters grew up together and have been together forever I thought they would be all right.  Stupid me, now I only have the Plymouth Rock as a breeder.  He is big and beautiful but not pure so none of these AR chooks can be called pure.  I knew they wouldn't be but I like them, they look much better running around the orchard than the common old brown things.

Lawns are ten foot high again...OK, maybe not 10 foot but pretty damn long.  Because I am riding the pushbike more I am unable to mow as well.   Biking is more fun but I really do need to mow.  Maybe this week will see a bit done.

I am hoping for some cooler weather so I can get outside and catch up with everything but might need to wait a couple more weeks.  The heat wipes me out and I don't like being out there after 9ish and I am too sore lately to do anything much in the evening.  Come on the cool weather I say.

Hopefully March will see more getting done.  I do have high hopes that it will but am unsure whether I am as enthused as I was.

I think I need to start listing things again.  That usually helps.  Might even put them up on here...

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