Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What's Growing, What's Not.

The last couple of nights we have had some really strong Easterlies (winds)  A couple of branches came down, stuff blew off the verandah, a tarp nearly ended up down the back paddock...No bad damage here but a lot of trees down in town.

The bloke next door is growing corn and it is so close to being ready to pick and the wind has flattened it.  One day it was standing tall and the next it was lying flat.  It should be OK but does look strange.

I planted corn, bought seeds, at the same time as this bloke planted this lot of his.  Mine didn't grow so I planted more and then more again when they didn't come up.  That didn't grow either.  In the mean time the bloke next door had planted 2 more lots.  That grew. A few weeks ago I rescued a cob from pig food, forgot about it for awhile, found it all dried up and manky looking but planted it anyway... and that is growing.  It is now around 2inches high so has a long way to go before it will be ready.  But it seems that the bought seed is not as good as manky, dried up kernels.  It's a pity though that the first lot didn't grow as every time I see the corn next door I want some.  I could see if he wants to do a swap with some honey but we see him out there spraying stuff all the time and it puts me off.  I may just have to wait until our chemical free stuff is ready.

I have been to other peoples places and seen Sunflowers blooming and looking gorgeous as they raise their heads to the sky, not in my backyard though.  None of my seeds came up.  I love these flowers and am a bit sad that I have none out there.  I'm going to put more seeds in and hope that some make it.  I want these flowers on my coffin when I die and it would be nice if I could get a paddock full growing...just in case.  

Watermelons are another thing that didn't grow.  I should have these out there getting bigger by the day but there are none.  I have put more seeds in and will hope for a few.  Same with Pumpkin, None survived.  I have a few seeds coming up now and once again it is seeds from an old pumpkin, not bought seeds, that are growing.   When I think about it there is a lot of stuff missing from the garden, there are no flowers from any seed that I planted, not as much Garlic as last season...

There is still plenty to eat out there though.  We had our first cucumber yesterday and will be getting lots of them from now on.  Still heaps of tomatoes, the new chillies are ready to pick, Capsicum are doing well and there are more than enough for what we need.  The Silverbeet is pickable, still have plenty of Sweet Potatoes, potatoes as we want them, lettuce is small but added with other leafy stuff there is enough for salads for a few weeks and by then the next lot should be big enough.  Zucchinis are piling up on the bench...Onions are overflowing out of the bowl.  Beans are ready, I plan on having a few straight from the bush tomorrow.
There aren't many carrots left but enough to last a couple of weeks.

Apricots are finished.  We are picking grapes now and had our first apple last week and a couple more since then.  Strawberries still but not a lot.  There are a couple of Pepenos ready to pick and we get a few Passionfruit each week

That all sounds pretty good doesn't it?  I think I did well over the year and will continue growing most of the same next year.  Anyone want to join me?


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  1. Sure, I will join you...lol...visiting AU is a goal of mine. That is a fascinating story about the seeds not making plants like the old stuff does. I have found the same thing, but it was not on a large scale like yours. I germinated sunflower seeds for a craft show. I sold many cups of sunflowers. THEN, I read that transplanting sunflowers were difficult if not impossible. My friend gave some to his sister and mother. The sister took all of the pots of sunflower plants. She set them out on a sunny hill, watered and most of the seedlings survived. Not one of mine ever grew over 6" high. The next year, even more sunflowers came up from her seeds that fell in the fall. I imagine now there is quite a show of sunflowers, displayed nice on a little hill held by a retaining wall. I, like you, love sunflowers and want some for my yard. Good luck. I love hearing about gardens when it is still deep in winter here.I garden vicariously this time of year.