Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chooks Galore Plus More.

                                  I have chickens. Cute little black and white AussieRock* babies.
Not sure what they will look like when they are bigger as they are not pure. 
The parents are either Australorp dad or a Plymouth Rock dad and the mothers are the same breed.  There are 3 Australorp hens and 1 PR hen.  These chooks are all in together so the babies will be a mix.  But they are so cute.  I put 8 eggs under this one when she went clucky a few weeks back.

I have given some of the eggs from these chooks to the daughter L to hatch for me too.
Well... not so much her but one of her chooks...They might be ready next weekend.

Of this lot of eggs 4 were pushed out of the nest duing the last week but I haven't cracked them to see if they were fertile or not yet.  Not sure if I will yet..  I think it's good to know if they were not fertile as it gives me an idea on how good the roosters are but it's not nice if they were and you find that the chicken died for some reason.

* AussieRocks are what I call my chooks that I raised from "pure" Australorp eggs.  It turned out that the lady had a PR rooster running with her hens just before she sold me the eggs...

I have a few more clucky chooks in the Mixed Breed pen and I will put AussieRock eggs under them this weekend.  I am in the process of rearranging their pen so they can be blocked off from the other chooks that keep laying in their nests

More cute little AussieRock babies   Yay!!

Then I can get start getting rid of the HyLines...Yay!!.


  1. Awww they are the cutest little things,
    Mumma friendly?

  2. Not really. Not nasty but I didn't try picking them up.
    But she's a chook. It's not like she can do too much damage to anyone but I'll just leave her alone to do her job.