Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some People Aren't Nice...

They are mean and stupid.

I have been decluttering and I had a couple of tables of stuff outside our front fence with a sign saying, *free, help yourself*   The tables were up near the fence, not near the road.  I bring the sign in out of the way before dark. 

There is no footpath but there is plenty of room for anyone or anything to get past.

So why did some idiot have to walk past late last night and flip a table over.  The table with plates, cups, glasses on.  I went out this morning and it's all smashed.  Why would someone do that?
Hubby said he heard a noise and heard people talking as they walked past but they were way past our place when he went outside.  It wasn't until this morning that he knew what the noise was.
He says they must have been drunk.  Drunk?  So that makes it OK to do something mean like that?
Well, it's not OK and I am quite cross about it.

If drinking makes you do stupid, mean things then don't drink.  If you are just a tossa that likes doing mean and stupid things then...I won't say what I think they should do but I think we would all have our own thoughts on it.

This table was too close to our fence to have been accidentally crashed into.

I know the idea of having the tables out there with the *free* sign is a good one...there is another car out there now and the people have taken a few things.  Maybe I will just have to bring them in every night.


  1. Hi Barb, you are right sadly some people are just mean. You are doing such a lovely thing giving good things away and these people need a reality check, they also need to be caught!!
    I hope they are soon!! I think it's a good idea that you bring the things in at night!!!

  2. Lee the truly truly awesomeJuly 24, 2010 at 11:05 PM

    Bummer for you...

    However, if I may espouse a little flaky love philosophy...

    You put the things out for free. you did a good thing. You put good energy into the universe. Nothing can cancel that out, not even tossas. The good energy is still there, from you, and you still have all the benefits from that.
    Any less-than-positive energy is caused by and is now attached to the poor tossa. It doesn't truly affect you at all, apart from being a bit annoying and disappointing, because we'd like to believe the world is full of conscious loving people, and sometimes, we get a surprise and find that it isn't.

    So in conclusion, you rock, thanks for injecting my universe with a bit more love, and please try not to worry about the tossas. It's his karma now.

    Also, don't give away those baby food jars in your shed if you still have them cause I want some... :-P

  3. Thanks Jilly,

    Today will be the last day for it today but only because it's suposed to rain all week. Will do it again sometime soon though as I still have cupboards to clean. And it IS a good idea. lol.

    Lee!!how are you. BF jars are still there.