Friday, May 26, 2017

Too Busy or Too Lazy?

It's Friday night.  Husband has been away working hard all week while I have been...not away. 

I was rostered on at Vinnies for 2 days so great, 3 days at home to get all my jobs done.  To get the house tidy and cleanish, to clean out the car, get some crap out of the shed, get some plants planted and some weeds pulled.  Get some mowing done, the chooks legs oiled, some of the boysenberry pulled up.  Wood chopped and woodbox full.   And all the other stuff that I should have done last time he was away...

He may get home later tonight but as it's already 7.30 I doubt it.   He may be home some time over the weekend.  If not then then maybe early next week.  

So yeah, the house should be tidy and cleanish yeah?  The gardens should be weeded and planted with more plants.  The car should be free of rubbish and boxes of *stuff*.  I couldn't mow as we have had a very wet week.  And all that other stuff that should have been done?  It hasn't been.  Oh, I have my reasons.  Excuses some would say...

I have had a busy week but have achieved nothing at home because I have not been home.  Well, not during the morning when I like to do stuff that needs doing.  Five days this week I have been down at Vinnies.  Son is not impressed and a daughter thinks I'm mad.  When Husband finally gets home he might be a tad cranky...Unless I can get my weeks worth of jobs completed tomorrow morning.  Cause I am out Sunday morning and at Vinnies all day Monday.

I think what I need are some time management skills.  Daughter thinks I need to stop going in to Vinnies so often.  Son says I need to banish FaceBook from my life. 

I'm going to make a detailed list, post it on here and tomorrow morning I will go through it and get as much as I can completed.   I like lists.  And as far as I know I am home tomorrow.   See ya then.

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