Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Mouse In The Cupboard.

So, I have slaters in the garden and a mouse in my cupboard. 

I knew the mouse was there as it ate through a pack of something and made a mess.  So I pulled everything out, washed it all, washed the shelves, sprayed with peppermint as I read that deters them and set a trap.   Then husband says he saw a mouse run across the floor so I set another trap over in that area.  Read up about non toxic to other animal baits and made up a batch of Plaster of Paris and oats and put that around the place.  While I was at it I put some of the bait out in the shed as well, cause you never know do you.   And set the rat traps, the humane ones that catch them alive.

Two weeks later I have caught 11 mice inside and 4 rats outside.  The Plaster of Paris baits, inside and outside, are still being eaten so there must be more around still.  I haven't found any dead mice or rats though so am unsure if the PofP bait is killing any.

And just last week I read that toothpaste will kill them so I have cut up tubes of toothpaste around the place.  Must be the Fluoride one though apparently. 

So 1 mouse means a whole lot more than one.  Just sayin'


  1. I had a box of mouse pellets under the sink. One day, I found something had chewed through and eaten most of it. Well, there were five little plastic trays in the one box. Then, I found a dead rat. I used the black sticky rat traps and the rats were so huge they could pull off them. I caught some and they were the largest rats I have ever seen. Then, I heard about Irish Spring. I put lots of scraped Irish Spring and rat poison in a hole in the baseboard. I have not seen another rat. I also cut chunks off the bars of Irish Spring and put around the kitchen. Do you have the bar soap, Irish Spring, in AU? Try some of that. I think it stinks but some people love it. Oh, I dropped pieces behind the stove, a possible place they can come into the kitchen. I also chopped up some and put it in the rat hole next to my new dishwasher. I found some of the insulation of the new dishwasher on the floor and in a drawer. Needless to say, I have lots of drawers with Irish Spring in them after I disinfected the drawers. Good luck. That's a lot of rats and mice, not nearly what I caught.

    You catch them alive? Do you release them? Don't!

    1. Hi Linda. I don't think we get that soap but will ask around. No I don't release them, It's not nice but they need to be killed. They are such a dirty destructive pest.

    2. I've heard mice don't like Cashmere Bouquet bar soap either. However, it has been discontinued. It is still around, but I have no idea where.