Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

I had an unexpected day at home yesterday, alone, by myself,   I was disappointed that it happened but pleased that I'd be able to get heaps done, all the stuff that doesn't get done when the husband is home.   It was gunna be great, productive, my house would shine...Ummm, OK, maybe not shine but I was going to do another cull and get rid of lots more useless, unneeded stuff.

I didn't.

It was hot so I spent most of the day eating, reading, computering, wasting...I had a late night and didn't get up until 10 past 7 this morning.  I know, how lazy of me, wasted the morning of the new day too.  But no, today will not be wasted.  I will be out from 9.45 until lunchtimeish this morning but before I leave here I am going to go through a couple of baskets from under my bed and make them easier to push under and pull out again.  I keep clothes in these as we have hardly any cupboard space in the bedroom.  They are too full and can no longer be pushed under.  I know I did one of these baskets last year sometime so maybe husband is right and I need to stop bringing stuff home.  We wont tell him that though will we...We will just stop doing it and see if he notices.   But the basket clearing out stuff, I'm doing that for me.

I have just finished my coffee.  I have an hour before I need to get ready and to go.

I'll be working on this.

                     And now have this...


And this. 


                                    To this.

All this is going, going, gone out the door already.  Plus 2 other bags are out in the car ready to be taken to the op-shop and 1 bag and a few things going to the FreeMarkets are out of the house.  

If I'm quick then maybe this too.  I wasn't quick enough for this but will be home soon and will strt on it then.


  1. Barb,
    You have been on the ball. It looks good. I wonder if your husband will notice.

  2. Looks good to me Barb! Great job!