Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Home All Day, Yayyyy. List Time.

I have a home all day by myself day today.  Maybe.  There was a whisper of a fairy visiting but I can't remember if that was written whispered in stone or not.  And I should go into town and put some RRFM signs up...Whatever way, I need a list.  Here be the start of it;

I will add to this as I think of things...

Sink clear and clean.
Bench 1 clear and clean.
Bench 2 clear and clean. clean.
Bench 3  clear and clean.
Table, clear and clean cloth.
Put all crappy carbs in his tuckerbox
Change sheets on bed
Wash sheets
Wash other clothes.  On now.
Vacuum floor.
Do *something* with all the tomatoes.

Clear all chairs so I can sit and read anywhere.
Put out empty boxes and any rubbish.
Bookcase, for me or L?  Decide then put in proper place.

Put some shelves in the extracting shed.
Move all the new jars into the Ex shed.
Plant 6, or 8...all the ones I got, Tomato plants.
Bag up everything for the RRFM
Go through my shirts again.
Sprinklers on tank gardens.  And don't forget to shift it around!

As above.
Pay all bills.
Tidy paper area.
Replace ink in printer.
Add to this as I think of things...
Extraction or another box on Hive 1.

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  1. Maybe the fairy was whispering in stone...lol. A list is a good thing. Hopefully, this will help you. I will take a fairy.