Friday, September 12, 2014

Planning to Plant.

Finally!  I have cleared out a few garden beds to plant in.  It's taken ages but a day or so of sunshine, hearing and reading about the awesome gardens others have and a husband willing to help me ...and I too am now, finally, ready to get planting.

This is what the big tank garden has looked like for too long.   I started a couple of days ago and had managed to get the South end cleared but still had the full of grass Northern end to do.  It was such a big job that the husband took pity on me and decided to help.  I'm glad he did or I'd still have 2 days work to do.

We went over to Mandurah on Wednesday, called into Bunnings and came out with a boxful of stuff to plant so I now have heaps of plants to plant.    We bought 3 different sorts of Tomatoes, Purple Eggplant,  Peas, Kale, mixed Lettuce, Cucumbers, some other stuff too.

On the way out we saw a reduced section so I bought some more.  This lot were only 50cents a punnet so I even smuggled some flower seedlings into the trolley.

A few of the smaller tank gardens were overgrown too but with husbands help they too are now clear enough to get some food growing in them.  This one had become overgrown with Lemon Balm but because I sometimes have this as a tea during the hot weather I wanted to keep it.  He convinced me to let him pull it *all* up because I do have 2 half drums with it growing.  I am *allowed* to replant some of it elsewhere, just not in a food producing bed.    If I don't keep an eye out though and pull up the small plants as they grow this bed will soon be overgrown again.

I don't know what this plant is, it's pretty though, when the grass isn't growing all through it, and I was/am going to get in potted up to sell at the markets.  I haven't done anything about that yet so that too has to come up.  That will happen over the weekend.  It started out as a small plant in the ground between 2 tanks, it grew and grew and grew.  When we pull it up it too will regrow and become a problem again if I don't keep on top of it.

And this tank can't have anything planted in it because the Chokos have taken off already.    I am trying to get these to grow in other areas of the yard but until then they are staying here.   Cause we gotta have Chokos!

So this weekend will be planting time.   First I have to get rid of a few thousand more Slaters and unfortunately I have had to resort to using poison on them.  There are so many that I cannot even get them down to manageable numbers so poison it is.  That or no food for us at all.    I put some snail pellets down, under leaves and grass and overnight the amount of dead slaters is huge so it is a quick and easy fix but not what I wanted.  I want to grow food though, I gave the non-poison ways a good go over the last couple of years but can no longer keep on top of them.   This way we will get the food and I figure that as long as the pellets are not on the food and we don't actually eat them ourselves...maybe it won't be too bad.  


  1. I all looks so nice and ready to go where you and husband cleaned it out. It's too bad you had to resort to poison. I bet the hens would have made short work of them. ....and the plants you wanted to continue to grow.

  2. You have been a busy girl - doesn't it feel good to get all of the beds weed free!! My grand daughter and I have been busy over the last 2 weeks doing just what you have been doing and we started planting up last weekend. Of course now they won't grow fast enough for her - a bit like a watched kettle doesn't boil!!!

  3. Your garden beds are looking great. I must get out and do some work in mine if I am going to plant this year...I have been slowly pulling the weeds and giving to the chooks, I didn't want to give them a big lot all at once so have been steadily pulling them but now the ones left are starting to go to seed so they need to come out!

  4. Weeding and clearing, a big job when I let it get so bad but needed to be done if I want to grow some food. It dod feel good to see them come back to how they should be.

    Linda, yeah, I tried netting the chooks in there but they wouldn't eat what I wanted them to, seems green growing stuff is yummier than bugs. Ummm, Yeah, I agree with that.