Saturday, September 13, 2014

Spring, Blossom and Bees

It is Spring time here and the Washington Navel Oranges are just about finished.   Enough left to carry me over until the Valencias are ripe enough for me though.  The Valencias are usually to my taste around November but others are pinching eating them now.

We have a tree full of Valencias ready to go when the others are completely gone though the son is into these already. 

He says the Washingtons are now passed it, too ripe and not nice.  I disagree and am still eating them off the tree.   We have juiced dozens and I have made a batch or two of Orange cordial at the husbands request but unfortunately too many were wasted. 

I need to get on top of them earlier next year as 5 trees producing at once may be too many and going by the amount of blossom out there now I think we will have an abundance next year too.

To A bee or and not to a bee....

 The Valencia is full of flowers and even if half of these come off there will be enough Oranges next Spring/Summer to keep our Vit C up.
Walking around the front yard is heavenly with the scent of Orange blossom.    There are also lots of bees out there now and their soft buzzing adds to the Springtime ambience.  I love my back front yard.


  1. We had an over abundance of citrus this year. I have just finished the mandarins and have started on the oranges and grapefruit. I tend to pick as I need them and squeeze every morning for breakfast juice. With the strong winds we had the other day, plenty fell on the ground, so I am going to whiz some whole oranges and freeze for making orange cakes etc later. The blossoms are on our trees now and I haven't finished eating the fruit yet!

  2. My goodness, what a lovely place to live--oranges in the front yard. Oranges are expensive and then half of them are all dried out inside. I bought two at a time and kept returning two. They were black and rotten inside. So, I just drink oj or do without. There are other ways to get vitamin C, but oranges and orange juice are delicious. I love a yard with a beautiful scent!

  3. Tania, yeah same here, we have ripe fruit, fruit coming on and blossom for next year. I love it.

    Linda, yes, we are lucky to live where we can grow what we do. So many people don't bother but I think it would be silly not to take advantage of the great climate that we have here. Black and rotten Oranges? That would kinda turn you off wanting to eat them I think.