Sunday, July 14, 2013

PFJ. Two Weeks Down.


We're 2 weeks in with this challenge and not much is changing.  Husband likes Dim Sims, bought in 1kilo bags from the supermarket.  Last night he had the last few so there is a plastic bag to be thrown out as I don't re-use these ones.  These DimSims were bought before the challenge but I know they will be bought again so this challenge is not changing things we he buys.   Coke has been bought in bottles again, not the smaller and more expensive cans and it was my idea.  Hmmm.

There are a few reasons why we wont become completely plastic free and while I don't like that it is what it is.   But one use throwaway plastics, I did think I was better than I am.  I don't like disposable in whatever form and this month is becoming an eye opener.

This past week I had the grandaughter out here and her mother brought out some food to help us out.  Appreciated very much but! throwaway plastic bag and alfoil dish with the hot cooked chook.  I will re-use the bag the rolls came in though.   And we went to the Harvey Markets yesterday and had a Freddo Frog each so 3, yep 3, bits of throwaway stuff there.  Grandaughter had a juice box that was thrown away.  We all need to stop buying stuff, yes we do.   The 2 of them had sausage sizzle for lunch, throwaway paper serviette each while I in my goodness bought bananas for my lunch and instead of the man putting them in a plastic bag I got him to put them in my cloth bag that I had made the week before.  Good, looks like I am not all bad and Earth killing.

One thing that keeps coming to mind is why just plastic, why not have a month of cutting down on or giving up on all one use products.  That is what I want for us and while there are lots of ways that we do this there is still too much stuff that needs throwing away.   I understand the plastic thing though, it doesn't break down and it is killing our animals and marine life.  But a lot of those deaths could be avoided if people were a lot more thoughtful with how they get rid of stuff.   It still leaves it not breaking down...and that is not good.   Lots of things don't break down though and I think there are worse things to be thrown away than plastic bags.  Maybe...Anyway, that is a whinge for another day.

The above makes me sound a bit heartless and uncaring, I'm not.  I know plastic can kill and after seeing our dog get tangled up in a plastic bag many years ago I always knot any plastic that I do throw away, to stop animals getting their head or body parts tangled.   But I also like plastic bags, for lots of reasons...and I do use them way more than only once.

Ha, just remembered something that made me real cranky...Awhile ago, a couple of years back, we bought something from Bunnings, they put it into a plastic bag for me but before I left the shop I realised it was the wrong sort so took it back to the checkout and asked to exchange it.  The woman took the item from the bag she had just put this thing into and threw it into the bin.. I was shocked and asked for it back but she said she couldn't give it to me as it was in the bin and they weren't allowed to retrieve stuff from there.    Our Bunnings doesn't  give out plastic bags any more but how stupid was that!!


  1. When the cashier put something in a plastic bad, I exclaimed that I did not want a bag. So, the cashier took out the one item and stuffed the bag in the trash. I reflexively gasped and she asked what was wrong. I was stunned and told her I was trying to save a bag from the landfill. She shrugged and said she alwsys threw away plastic bags. The clean bag in the trash sort of traumatized me. Silly? I know!

  2. Linda, I feel your pain. Some people just have no idea.