Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dogs and Robbers.

Son lives in town and has dogs.  Lovely dogs.  Dogs that hunt, dogs that bark.  Because they bark he has them in a kennel in the backyard when he is at work so they don't bark and bother the neighbours.  He came out here last night, told me that police and forensics had just left his house.

It seems that someone had jumped his back fence, broken into his house, gone through the rooms, come out his front door and jumped the neighbours fence to steal a grinder and back into sons house where they proceeded to cut into his gun cabinet.  Luckily the dogs were going off and a neighbour saw this person leave then come back and called the police...who came, saw sons front door open, thought he was home so left!   Son comes home from work, finds his house has been broken into and learns from the neighbour what happened and that the police had caught the guy around the corner.  It is thought that the police coming to the house made him leave and run.   He is so lucky that this creep didn't get into the gun cabinet.  

Son was a tad upset that the thieving sod also raided his fridge and drank his grog.  How rude!

I laughed.  I mean, really.  You have 4 dogs and someone walks in and robs you because you lock the dogs up so that they don't bark but it's their barking that alerted the neighbour.  Too funny.


  1. And don't forget..... they drank his GROG!!!. How lucky was he that his dogs did bark and attract the neighbours attention. Don't know what the gun laws are like in WA but here in NSW it would be a boatload of problems for the gun owner.
    I must admit that I would have to laugh looking at it from your where you stand!!

  2. Yeah, agree with you. Locking up dogs indeed. Perhaps he should lock them inside his house, if he has to lock them up...

  3. The most disturbing part is that the police saw the front door open, thought son was home and left. He could have been home and dead! Those dogs would be locked in the house from now on. I would be upset that the guy drank the alcohol, too. I would feel even more violated, knowing they touched or looked at my food/consumables.

    The neighbors could thank the dogs for keeping thieves from the neighborhood. I am sure the area does not look so appealing now. I hope he took the dogs through the house so they could at least smell what they saw. They did a good job!

    I wish my chickens could bark.