Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Out and About. Jan - March.

As usual I haven't written things down but I don't think there was a lot done and not many places visited or explored.  Lets see...If anyone knows of anything else then please let me know so I can change things.  Husband always says we do more but I'm sure we don't.

12th. Nannup FreeMarkets.  With husband, stayed the night  down there in his car.
19th.  Waroona FreeMarkets.  Alone.
26th.  Australia Day party around the corner.  With husband.

9th.  Peel Zoo  Daughter and grandaughter.
10th?  Waroona Farmers Markets.  With husband, short visit, maybe 1/2 an hour so does this count? haha.
16th  Waroona FreeMarkets.  Alone.

2nd.  Pam Corker House fete, morning then Mandurah Fair.  With daughter and Grandaughter.
9th. Nannup for the weekend and FreeMarkets.
16th. Waroona FreeMarkets.
17th  Harvey Harvest Festival.  Daughters and grandaughter.
22nd.  Harvey for lunch with mother and sister.
29th  Collie/Macalinden.  With daughter and grandaughter to visit inlaws.
30th.  Mandurah to buy a car with Husband.  Morning.
31st   Myalup Easter Fair.  With daughter and grandaughter.

March looks like it was busy,  Maybe I do do more than I think I do...


  1. March looks like a fairly busy month. You could make it a goal to take one picture each day of the month to reflect what you do. Maybe you could plan one new thing for each month--a new experience or place to visit, even if it is just a new shop.

    I recently decided to improve my social life. The little extra I have done is such a great improvement to my morale. Yesterday, I sat in a local coffee shop and had a cold, frozen drink and talked with two guys I did not know at the next table. It was no biggee, but I felt refreshed. And less alone. That is stupid on paper. Whatever.

  2. Linda, yes to the new thing each month, maybe we can do it together.
    Your drink and talk sounds like fun and doesn't look stupid at all. I say go you.
    There's a song about people needing people...Sometimes we do.