Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gardens Are Looking Good.

The plants I bought have been in the ground for more than a week and most are looking good and getting bigger.  The cucumbers...not so much.  There are only 3 plants left and one of those looks pretty crook.  I will put seeds in the empty spots sometime tomorrow.  This has been an extra busy week with work so not much has been done out there.   There are heaps of self sown seeds coming up so things will have to be thinned out in places.  I planted Spinach seedlings in the same place I had it before, it's looking good and healthy and a few days ago I noticed dozens of plants coming up, I thought it was weeds but it now looks like Spinach...I will transplant some, give some to other people, eat more...Same with lettuce.  Among the 6 or 7 seedling that I put in there are hundreds of tiny ones coming up from plants that went to seed.   The zukes have flowers already, the advanced tomato plants that husband bought have fruit. It's all looking good.  I want to go away for a bit but am worried that if I do and it gets hot that I will lose them all and that would make me cranky so debating still on that.

I transplanted some comphrey a while ago and so now have two lots growing like mad so am ready to get another spot established.   How much comphrey is too much...

I planted some Luffa seeds again this year, they have emerged.  I will need to look after them good because I so want to get me some homegrown luffa to use.  It will be a long time before I have news of if it worked or not though.

We are still eating from the gardens, not a lot and not a great variety but enough and as you don't need more than enough it's all good.

Have bloody fruitfly in my apricots.  We  had decided to pull all the peaches off, maybe get rid of the tree altogether, because they always seem to get maggotty but the apricots are usually finished before the fly gets going, not this year.  I'm not sure how many maggots I have eaten but am sure there have been a few.  AND, they don't always die when the fruit has been nuked for a few minutes.   That was an unpleasant surprise.

Two Isa Brown chooks have died over the last week, I'm hoping it is old age because this lot are getting on and the rest look healthy enough.  

Crows are hanging around again, I can't risk letting the chickens out into the big pen when I am not home, they don't like that but I figure it is better than being ripped apart by some horrible bird and as I am boss in that department, they stay loccked up.  Their pen is big enough it just doesn't have any grass left in it and they like running throhgh the grass and catching bugs.  Tomorrow I am home so will let them out for the day.

Not much else happening, lots needs doing but I am home most of tomorrow and I have a list. 


  1. Sounds like the garden is doing well Barb, So sorry to hear about you Chookie's but if I was old age at least you know they lead a happy (cage free) life. All the best xo

  2. So much food. So much food. And, what do you use comfrey for?

    Today, I noticed that Louise is having a hard time flying down from about five feet. She sort of staggered through space. Then, she struggled to fly up less than three feet and had a harder time flying about 18 inches to her sleeping box. Thelma seems to be shrinking. They will be 4 years old in March. Louise is getting so irritable that seeing her go might not hurt Lucy.

    Have you tried diatomaceous earth for the apricots? Thinking about eating a maggot makes me gag! You are tougher than I.

    You must have huge crows if they will rip apart a chicken.

    The dog was back, terrorizing the hens again today. It appears 4 pm is when his owners get home and let the dog run the neighborhood.

  3. Kirby, the gardens were looking good but now...bloody chooks!
    Linda, the crows take the chickens as in baby chooks not the big birds. They, crows, are awful things.
    Thanks for the Christmas wishes, I hope you had a great one.