Friday, November 30, 2012

Out and About,

It seems that I quite often whinge mention to Husband about us never going anywhere or doing anything together.   He disagrees so I thought I'd write it all down so he can see that I am right.  And he is wrong!

He says that it is OK for me to want to go here, there and everywhere as I am time-rich whereas he is time-poor.  Huh, what's his point!   I know, I'm a bad little wifey. haha.
Anyway I have given it some thought and as far as I can remember this is what I/we have done over the last few months.

August   I went:
We went:
Grandaughters birthday get together in Donnybrook.
Donnybrook Date Day   More of these is what I am wanting

September I went:
Harvey Highschool 50th,
Nannup Markets.  Down for the day to drop off grandkid.
We went:

October. I went:
Nannup.  Down for the day to pick up the grandkid.
Waroona Show.
We have been:
Camping with friends for 1 night up at Lane Poole Reserve.
Penguin Island. Took grandkid over for the day.

November.  I went:
Nannup, Pizza and Karaoke busy bee at daughter's place.
Drive to Perth with friend for (her) doctors appointment.  20min at Kings Park then home.
Binningup Spring Fair.  I took the grandaughter.
We went:
His parents place for lunch.

It looks like I'm right, we don't do enough together.   He disagrees with this and says we have been out more than this but if it's not written down here how can that be.
He is either wrong or I have forgotten  You decide...

Looking at this I'm hoping that he is right and that I have forgotten some things we have done or places we have been to... Otherwise, I reckon I have reason to bitch complain comment.

I know he works damn hard when he is away for work.  I know he needs a day off when he gets home and wants a rest day before he goes away again.  I know that there is stuff for him to do when he is home, stuff that is too hard for me.  But all I am asking for is 1 or 2 days a month for us to do something together.   Am I being unfair?  Is that too much to expect?    What do you all think?  If I am being unreasonable then tell me to pull my head in and get over it. I wont but it wont hurt to say.