Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We had our first storm for the year on Sunday.  I was home with 4 dogs and we all hid behind the lounge.  IT WAS SCAREY!  Afterwards I saw that the trampoline had blown up against the fence again...It's stuck so will have to stay there until husband gets home.

A lot of the apples ended up on the ground as well as a heap of oranges.  Same with the Indian Guavas but I'm not too concerned about those, the chooks can have them.  I'll need to wipe these over and store them somewhere.

 This is a massive shed not far from us and the brown roller door was flapping around on Sunday.  It's not in place now so will be flapping again tonight.
A few trees out the front have snapped off, neighbour had a couple of trees down..

I found a strange thing...in the driveway between son's car and my van was lots of broken glass.  At first I thought one of us had lost a windscreen but all windows are intact.  Maybe some glass got blown in...dunno, but there is quite a bit and it looks like glass from a windscreen...it wasn't there earlier in the day, before the storm.

Bleedin' gas hotwater heater blew out again and I cannot relight the stupid thing.  Every time we get strong winds this thing blows out.  We had it serviced not long ago and the guy was getting it to light sraight away so I have no idea why I cant do the same.  If I get to the stage where I can't stand my smelly self I will bring the camping shower inside. 
We had no power for maybe 20 hours.   It's times like this when I really appreciate my small house and the woodfire.
Have spoken with someone in Brunswick Junction and nearly 2 days later and they still have no power so all her homegrown veg and other food may have to go for dogfood.  

The chookpens are waterlogged and muddy and I need to put dry hay in their sheds this afternoon.

We got off pretty lightly and hope for the same tonight but must get out there and see what I can do before the next one gets here.  Stay safe everyone.  Take care.


  1. I've heard there's some wild weather over your way. Hope you don't suffer any more damage!

  2. Best wishes in this beastly weather. Thinking of you!

  3. After the tornado in April 2012 where many homes were destroyed, I found a huge kitchen knife in my driveway in front of the car. I wondered. It's a good thing I was not out when the knife blew in. On your wood stove can you heat some water for a washcloth bath? You would not get water pouring all over you, but at least you could soap down the important parts and just use a wet cloth for the rest of the body to freshen up.

    Tomight a horrific wind blew through ahead of a major storm system. I seriously thought my house was coming down. Limbs in the yard and trees down around town seemed to be the most damage.

    I think I would have a major talk with husband about teaching me to light the furnace! That is so annoying when an appliance seems to need testosterone in the area to work!

  4. Did you know you can claim $80 from synergy for a 12+hour power outage? online, on their website.

  5. I saw the storms on the news and it looked really scary. Glad you and the dogs are safe, bet they are very happy you allow them inside!