Thursday, December 22, 2011

ThreeThirty Is Too Bleedin' Early.

I know that there are probably a few people that won't agree with this but I truly think that 3.30AM is too early to be woken up.  But Rocky the Rooster seems to think it's OK because he's been doing it for the last few weeks.

I like to wake up - get up around 5.30 but 5am is OK too.  7is too late, the good outside time is nearly over before you get to it then, especially when it's hot so 5-5.30...good time.

Rocky and his girls used to be in a pen further away, out behind the shed and he didn't bother me too much but since I moved him closer to the house...They have a shed in their pen but he likes to sleep out in the open.  No more though.  Hubby has time off from work and I think I will be putting in an order for a door to their house. 
If I can lock him in at night he might sleep longer but if he doesn't the noise will hopefully be muffled enough.

If that doesn't work I think Hubby will try something more permanent.  He says I have enough chooks now and we don't need him...The door idea better work.


  1. He's lucky you don't live in the suburbs! He'd be dead already!!!

  2. Still, 7:30 is waaay too early for me. I would take his head off if closing him up did not work, just like your husband Did you know that people actually soundproof cages for roosters? Yes, soundproofed cages!

  3. If we were in town (and I loved him!) I would have a soundproof box for him. But we're not (and I don't...)
    Haven't started on the door yet but husband has added it to his list.