Saturday, March 25, 2017

Get Chooked! Not More Chickens.

More chickens! How many chickens does one yard need?  Not 4 + 11 + 13 + 3...

All up, way too many chickens and I already have too many chooks.  But only 1 rooster. 

I think I need to get rid of some chickens, maybe put an ad on the local FaceBook Buy and Sell page.  Dunno what a chicken is worth though.  I need to get a small pen put up so this new mum can be safe from the crows so something else to do now...HoHum, and I was doing so well with clearing up inside and wanting to get that clear and clean(ish)  That will have to wait a bit now as once I stop it is really hard for me to get motivated again and now that I am hot and sweaty from chooken catching I may as well do a bit of mowing before it gets much hotter out there.

Oh yeah, looks like I'm back here again, what a useless Blogger I am.  Just as well it's not that important...haha  Back soon.  If a month or three is soon...


  1. I wish you would post more often! I paid $25 for a pullet that turned out to crow and never laid an egg. The woman promised me it was a girl. Then, she would only give me $15 for it. So, I gave it away to a poor man. He was thrilled since his rooster had just died. I didn't know that when I offered it.

    Avian flu is in our county, so I may not be able to buy chicks. Right now, I have only one hen.

    I have someone helping me clean off the counters, benches to you. The kitchen is a wreck! Good lunch with your cleaning.

    I don't chase chickens when I have chickens. I have a food call and I let them see me sprinkling dry oats in the pen. Since I only feed them in the pen, they would all come running. It beats trying to catch them since they are now faster than I am.

    1. Yeah, not really chasing haha Protective mother hen trying to get her babies away from us and going under bushes and getting cranky. I now have 31 chickens+1 rooster+17 hens. Wow, way too many!