Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Busy Week.

This week I will learn what it feels like to have a real job and be out all week.   Three paid work days and 2 full volunteer day but it amounts to the same thing.  I will not be home for most of the day.  For 5 days in a row.  How do people manage that every week.  Forever!  

I was up before 5 again this morning so the chooks are fed, some weeding has been done, I have picked some tomatoes, strawberries and cucumbers, collected a few eggs, a handful of snowpeas...I don't have to leave here until 7 so still have 45 min to get out there and get something else done.   Maybe a bit of watering though the sprinkler is on out in the tank gardens as I type.  I am a multi tasker to the extreme!!
These are some of the strawberries I picked from the *aquaponics* setup...

We don't usually get the ones from here as a family of frogs live here but these ones must have been out of the reach of them this time.  Lucky for me.

I have others growing in different areas and get a cup or two each day.  Some go in the freezer but most go in my mouth. 
Even though the Snowpeas have passed their prime there are still enough coming along every couple of days to give me a serve of veg.   That's the best way I reckon, straight from the garden and into my system, much better than having to prepare, cook then eat. 
This afternoon/evening/when I get home around 5pm I hope to get some mowing done before that gets out of hand again.  I have someone here who is willing to do it for me but only if I keep the grass areas clear of stuff.  That isn't the case this week so me mowing will be what has to happen.   
Gosh time moves quickly when you're I'm having fun!   The*start getting ready for work* alarm just went off so I better get another job done before I have to leave.  HoHum, alarm keeps going, I need to remember which button to press to turn it off but that will be a job for next week!
Have a great day everyone. 


  1. Going to work everyday for forever is indeed difficult. You will be ready for a few days at home. So, you grow frog food? Maybe that is where my wild strawberries have gone. I have a new alarm clock that is driving me nuts. The last one was easy. This one has to be handled with both hands to turn anything on and off. How do you get in the Christmas mood when it is blazing outside?

  2. Those strawberries look dayum goooood!!!!

  3. I grow people food that I *share* with frogs and lizards and horrible insects. lol. In theory I have 2 weeks of no out of home work but the reality is that as manager I still need to go in and empty he donation bins for Vinnies and get the shop sorted for next year. That will be fun though as no pressure or others to worry about. How do you get into the Christmas mood when it is freezing outside? haha.

    Those strawberries were dayum gooood!