Saturday, July 5, 2014

Clothing Cull.

Yep, again.  It should be a weekly thing until I get it under control but I wait until I can no longer close the door properly and stuff falls out when I try and cram the clean washing in.  HoHum, I have too much stuff..

But!  As of now I am down to only 6 pairs of black pull on pants.  Trousers, slacks, longin's, call them what you will.  Six!   They all fit, I wear them...Mind you the 5 pairs that I have bagged up for the op-shop also fitted and have been worn this year but really, 11 pair of the same thing is really not right.  Not good and not happening here any more.   I now have *only* 10 pair of trousers in the cupboard.
6 black.   My go to trousers for most days.
1 cream,  Summer time.
1 brown.  Warmer type
1 patterned.  Summer wearing
1 jeans.  Might go as I am not a jeans wearing type.  But they fit!   I am giving them a chance until the next cull.

I am wearing a pair...of black and I think there is a pair (black) in the wash.  

And of course this is not counting what is in the basket of yard stuff under the bed.  I know there is a pair of black trackies and a pair of black pants in there.  Or should be, I can't seem to pull the too full basket out to cram 'em in.   I will get to this basket sometime over the week as it is too full again. 

Why is there so much?  Because I hate throwing good stuff away and when Vinnies wants to get rid of it because they have enough already in the shop I feel sorry for it and bring it home where it will be loved.    The 2 bags I have here to go will be taken to the other op-shop where I wont know what happens to it but I'm pretty sure they will put in in their shop and not waste it.

I did the shirt shelf last week but there might still be too many in there too and I now have 4 jumpers less than I did a week ago...Four less pairs of knickers than yesterday but still probably a dozen pair too many and way too many socks...HoHum...back into it.

How many is too many?  How many is enough?


  1. I probably have two dozen pairs of pants--black, dark gray, light gray, navy. The only navy pair and only dark gray pair, as well as half the other black pair are not fit to wear in public--obscene numbers of holes, obscene sized holes, too. I fold and stack the house/yard pants and hang the good ones. I just rotate good pants to yard pants. I have been lucky to find the pants I like on sale. I was laughing at your rescuing pants. Maybe you should quit bringing pants now that you are just rotating them through your house to the next I am glad you don't rescue cats.

    I think the Really Really Free Market would be a great place to take pants.

    Maybe I should discard a couple pair of holey pants.

    1. By the way, I only wear black pants in the winter and grey in the summer. Plus, some of the pants whose style I don't like and were only $1 are soft, knit pants I wear to bed in the winter. However, I will wear them around the house at times. I also wear some of the yard pants to bed if they are the last pants I have clean. It is a juggling act. So, my great number of pants is reasonable in order not to wash black pants twice a week. I can sometimes wait 8-10 days to wash black pants. That is why I bought and kept the unflattering $1 pairs of knit pants.

  2. The unanswerable question: how many is enough? I have too many, yet not enough, dresses. Too many compared to many people, but not enough, for every situation and westher and mood.

  3. I love your mission to save unloved clothes from land fill! At least your black pants fetish isn't costing you anything. Just think, you have enough black pants to last for the rest of your life. That's one recurring expense crossed off the list:)