Monday, June 23, 2014

$3000 A Year. Ten Times.

I have had a brilliant idea.  I know, another one, it never ends.      I can't work, not at a real job anyway, not where I would be expected to show up every day and actually finish something...And husband has a bad back, he might have another 10 years in him but his boss could get more fed up and pull the pin on his business at any time.  Lots of boss' do so there are no guarantees.  And husband getting another job might not be easy, he will be at that age and has no formal qualifications.  He is smart and strong and a brilliant worker but none of that seems to count now in days of resumes and bits of paper saying you did this course or that.   So, how would we then have an income?  He wouldn't be pension age and by the time he is there may not be pensions being paid out anyway.  So we need a plan and I have what could be the perfect one.  

He is a casual worker and gets what some would see as a pretty good daily pay but...he only gets that when there is work on the day.   He has 3, maybe 4 days work this week but he has just had 4 weeks at home with no income at all.   Last Winter there was no work, no money coming in, for near on 4 months.   So the good daily pay over 12 months...not so good.   When I first came up with this brilliant plan I said to him we needed ways to make $4000 a year 10 times to get close to his wage now. He says we could probably manage on $30000 so there we are.  I/We need 10 ways to make $3000.   That doesn't sound hard at all does it.

The hard part seems to be me coming up with these 10 viable, legal things.  I have been asking around and gosh, there are some clever and creative people out there and so many ideas.   I am in the process of collecting ideas and will put up the list later on this week knowing that it will be added to as I ask more people.

Once the list is up I will then need to come up with ways to get the process started and then...actually get the process started.  It will be fun!


  1. I had a friend who did craft shows. Actually, I met her there. She had a little 10x10 ft booth. Her husband was dead set against this. Finally, one day she asked him to make shelves. He did so begrudgingly. Then, he came and saw how much money she made and was flabbergasted. He decided he would put things in her booth. Her items to sell were cloth. His were wood. Then, she told him she could not lift it all without pain. So, he helped her set up and take down. Then, she told him there was not enough room for what he had given her. So, he paid for a booth attached to hers, a double booth. She got sick of tending the 20 ft booth. So, he rented his own 20 ft booth and took a day off to come and man it and then took it down on his day off, sat or sun. He bought a 20' truck, the box kind, covered. to haul all the stuff. He put a lawn mower without the blade and a cart to pull things inside the civic centers. Finally, he gave up a corporate job with retirement, healthcare, all sorts of benefits. It was so lucrative that they were able to pay mortgage and raise their two kids and save more than before. I don't know how craft shows are doing now or even in Australia. But, all of us at the craft shows were flabbergasted at the way they turned their life upside down for the evidently better profits. .

    But, you have your land and can raise crops and animals. Of course, you are at the mercy of weather and predators.

    I am all for your finding lines of income for now and for expansion later. However, he should never mention all this to his employer. Otherwise, husband might seem self-sufficient if the boss needs to decide who stays and who goes.

    After my divorce I had several legal ways I was able to make money.

    Good luck with the brainstorming.

    By the way, what is a "casual worker"?

  2. My husband has just been made redundant (we are in Victoria) and are currently brainstorming too lol. We have a very small cleaning business which we are trying to make work so that it can bring in what we need but are also wanting to have other things going too so that when house cleaning becomes too much for us, we have something else that is bringing in some money. I will be watching your post eagerly :)

  3. After giving up full time work where I was away from home during the week it wasn't hard to find plenty of casual odd jobs around the area. An acquaintance needed some house painting done which led to all sorts of other odd jobs, that led to a friend of theirs requesting a similar tasks be completed. While collecting milk from a local dairy I asked if he was willing to teach me milking (at no cost to him) that way he may be able to use me as a relief milker. It was followed by seven years work until he retired. I was working almost as many hours as he was in the dairy. He had heaps of contacts and found me lots of other casual jobs in the area. The more contacts you make the more work gets offered. I always pitched my hourly rate low to make it attractive. After all I had time on my hands and I'm no expert just a pair of hands. A lot of tradies occasionally need an offsider at short notice, no skill required just willingness. Just be willing to drop everything when asked.

  4. Wow Linda, that sounds pretty impressive. Doubt we'll ever get where those people did being in a small town and all but yeah, wow. A casual worker is one that only works when needed, only gets paid when they work, no paid holidays or sick pay or other benefits...Boss is always saying how he couldn't do without husband, how he could never afford to pay him what he is worth...Husband likes the job though, likes having the time off and we can live off what he gets so he is happy with that too. I think he could do better and should better appreciated...

    Colleen, I couldn't be a cleaner but know people that are and they love it so good luck with your business. It seems that there are many ways to earn a bit and I think some of them might be fun.

    John, husband says he will probably do truckdriving if this job ever finishes up and I agree about people needed casual workers all the time. It's just a matter of talking to people like you said and being willing to let people know you are available.

    Thanks guys for your comments, I appreciate them all.