Tuesday, February 25, 2014

So Much To Do. Because I Don't Do It!

I have been spending a bit of time working out in the gardens but still haven't planted enough of anything.  So much for getting the food production up.  I'm blaming the hot weather but really it is me not doing anything.

I went out for lunch last Friday then out the caravan for what was supposed to be a few days but turned into only overnight.     Mobile phones have a lot to answer for...Get home Sat lunchtime, have the grandkid there who is staying overnight and because it is hot we are mostly inside where it was cooler.  We'd go out for a bit then come back in then out again, in again...Early evening I go out to do a few things, wandering round barefoot as I do, as I tell the kids not to do...I keep thinking that the bleedin' grass needs mowing again and I only did it a week ago...I finish up and walk around the front as husband is getting home so we sit down out there and no sooner than we do when he says "snake"  I look and see the tail disappearing into through the drum gardens into the messy pen where I have put chooks to try and get the grass down...Bugger!   He says it was maybe under our chairs and w disturbed it.  Hmm, I am the one now disturbed.  It is too overgrown in the pen it went into to see where it went but he says it was in a hurry and will be gone real quick.  Yeah right, he'll say such things to make me feel better but I know it is in there waiting for me to forget about him and walk in there with no shoes on to dig up some spuds or try and clean up a bit.    I really need to staple my boots to my feet so that I have them on all the time so my toes wont get eaten by these things...HoHum, maybe I just need to keep ALL the grass and edges around the house clear and tidy, free of piles of weeds, buckets, bits of wood other hideyhole places ALL the time.
Needless to say, early the next morning I was out there mowing and whippersnippering.  Got must of it done but by 8.30 it was so darn hot I finished up.  And here we are 2 days later and I haven't done anymore since. 

I was at Vinnies yesterday, Monday is my all-day day.  It was quiet and there weren't many customers but close to closing time a few people came in.  I was in the brickabrack room looking through  tidying the books when this bloke comes in, says how hot it is outside, how he and his wife are on their way home, mentioned her having a van...I went out to meet her, what a woman, I want to be like her.  So I came home and got poor ol' neglected Wanda out and will spent some of today getting her cleaned up so I too can go on an adventure.

I also need to get onto the bee stuff as apparently, according to husband, I am too slack in that area and need to keep on top of them and why haven't I put that extra box on yet...Ummm because we looked at them not long ago, I suggested it, you said they weren't ready yet...Apparently they can become ready within days, I know the Redgum is out and I need to keep a check on them...HoHum, I am a bad beekeeper.  Must get out there and have a look today but not sure what I am supposed to be looking for...He ended up putting the box on one night after work...when I was out the beach relaxing.  Thanks Darl, I'll *check* the other hive aye?  No he did that one too.  He is such a darl, I am such a slacko.

And, I have the cheek to ask for a bucket of honey so I have a spare.  So funny.  He works with an Apiarst, does bees all day then comes home and has to do mine, the ones I really really wanted and will learn all about so he doesn't have to do anything with them and then I ask for a bucket of their honey.  I do have a bucket of Redgum in the shed, processed by me from the scrapings left here last year but you can never have too much honey can you.   I'm waiting for them to get onto the Jarrah though as that is my favourite but they don't do that every year and I only have a small amount left.  Maybe 3 kilo, haha, like that is not much.  When I/we/he do my next extraction here we'll be rolling in it.  Or not as that would be very sticky.

Breakfast now then the van.  Or should I look at the hives before it gets too hot?  I have to get the mower out again and the gardens need more mulch on them...Oh, it's all so hard!  Coffee first then decide.

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